Treadmarks Cycling Community

Treadmarks is a case study in developing an online community for cyclists in Kansas City. Research posters were created to better understand
the audience.

The Treadmarks website is a space where members can search for routes based on category, upload videos/photos, save past rides and favorite routes, as well as upload routes to their iPhone.

The iPhone application allows the user to access many of the components on the website such as searching for routes and viewing saved routes. The “track ride” button will track the route and upload it automatically to the website. The “buddy radar” component lets the rider see other bikers in the area who are connected with the buddy radar and provides the opportunity to meet up and ride together.

poster design: Jessica Lyew-Ayee, Corie Chambers, Cassie King

iPhone application: Corie Chambers, Cassie King

web design/coding: Cassie King